Three Trout Rovers FC

‘"A man can't have no greater love than give 90 minutes to his friendsÂ’" - Sultans of Ping FC.

About Us

The Name 

The club’s name and indeed inception like many things in Ireland was conceived in a public house on a cold winter’s evening - Dann’s to be precise. Invariably, we went through all the funny combinations: ‘Greystones Academicals’, ‘Rathdown Park Rangers’ and as I remember ‘Charlesland Cavaliers’ was an early contender. Even so, the brief was ‘local yet quirky’. I think it was Paul Lowen who answered the call this time and suggested ‘Three Trout Rovers’. The idea garnered instant approval from all present. The name refers to the small stream flowing through Killincarraig as I’m sure you all know. It was felt that as there are already two ‘Greystones’ clubs in the town i.e (United and AFC) something different was needed. Moreover, funny names, though hilarious, are less likely to attract potential sponsors and vital revenue for the club.

Anyway, the trout is surely the most majestic and rugged of fish, able to thrive in both fresh and seawater- reflecting the club’s own focus on mental toughness, versatility and the courage to go against the flow of popular opinion and laugh in the face of common sense when necessary!

The Concept

The concept of the club was really born out frustration and yearning. Both Tim and I, while playing for a local team would often express our disappointment at the attitude of some team mates and the subsequent atmosphere they generated. I think we all know these characters from our sporting and professional lives.

These are the guys who never bother introducing themselves. These are the guys who sneer all the time. These are the guys who don’t pass the ball. These are the guys who scream and shout at their team mates. These are the guys who don’t bother letting the manager know that they’re not coming to a game. These are the guys who throw their shirts on the ground and head straight for the car park when substituted. In a nutshell- these are the guys who ruin football.

It was Tim who first suggested forming our own club as a reaction to the carry-on mentioned above. To my shame, I was very sceptical for a long time not realising then that we have more than enough motivation and access to a pool of players (that’s you!) to make our dream a reality.

So that’s our goal- to create a club which is enjoyable and fun to play for even in defeat. No prima-donnas, no whingers and sulkers. No one shouting and deriding their team mates on the pitch or in the dressing room. A club where players of all abilities are welcome. A club built on friendship, positivity and the knowledge that a game of football on a Saturday afternoon with your friends is one of life’s simple pleasures.


After lengthy and at times arduous negotiations we have secured the pitch on the hill above the astroturf pitches opposite Jacky Skelly’s gym in Charlesland, Greystones. The pitch, though not premiership standard, is perfectly fine and more than adequate for our needs. We will also be able to avail of the excellent changing facilities and showers in the sports centre. I can guarantee that our facilities will be of far greater standard than many of our opponents and we are very lucky in this regard.

It has to be our aim from the first match to turn ‘The Jacky Skelly Arena’ into a fortress!!

The Games

The matches will be played on Saturday afternoons around 2.30pm. We are waiting to hear back from the league about which division they will enter us in. There are 8 separate divisions in UCFL (United Churches Football League) with teams being promoted and relegated and separate cup competitions. The league is set to commence in the last week of August 2011 and will finish around May 2012. The majority of our opponents will be from Co. Dublin so it is unlikely we will ever have to travel for more than 1 hour to away games. Players will receive text/email updates regarding fixture information via Teamer.

*There may be some mid-week games at the beginning and end of the season to make use of the extended sunlight.


Don't worry, even if you can't do this you might still be good enough to get a trial for Three Trout.

Over the last few months individuals have voiced many similar concerns regarding their involvement with the club. The main ones being:

Q. I won’t be around every weekend-can I still play?

A. Absolutely. We all have work/family/personal commitments not to mention injuries so naturally we will all miss games over the course of the season. Additionally, we are not planning on having any formal midweek training other than the 5-aside matches which many of you are involved with anyway. There will be times when we’ll struggle to field a team which means it is imperative we get as many people signed up as possible. Again, this is a problem all our opponents will be faced with and we are no different.

Q. I’ve never played for an 11-aside team before- I’m not sure I’ll be up to it.

A. Rubbish. Everyone we’ve invited to play for the club will be more than able to hold their own regardless of their perceived ability or experience. Remember lads, this is amateur football!! Most of our opponents will be of similar age and ability- that’s the whole point! There are hundreds of amateur football teams in Ireland alone- we will be no different. You will be playing against postmen, teachers, IT consultants etc. With no disrespect to any of us or our opponents if we were amazing players we probably wouldn’t be receiving this email now.


What can I do to help?

We know all you guys are smart cookies. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions for the club particularly with regards to fundraising and sponsorship- please lets us know.

Be supportive. Neither Tim nor I have done anything like this before. We will make lots of mistakes. We will mess things up. We both have full time jobs. I will blame Tim for absolutely everything that goes wrong.

A final word

Well there it is lads. Sorry if I’ve bored you. I hope this has been of some use.

I hope everyone we’ve contacted will accept our offer and join the club. These are exciting times for us. The upcoming season will be challenging. We will laugh, cry and then embrace. We will slap each other on the back and we will bicker. We will experience the dizzying heights and sobering lows; the ecstasy of glorious victory and heart-break of humiliating defeats. Whether it brings promotion play-offs, relegation dogfights or even mid-table mediocrity we will bask in a common glow at the end of the season- safe in the knowledge that this will have been one hell of an adventure!